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With over 2,000 commercial and residential properties painted, our exterior and interior painting services are proven and mastered.

Here at Rocky Mountain Exteriors, we pride ourselves in the extra care we take throughout every job. From preparing the surface to be painted to delivering an end result that is beautiful and long-lasting, every detail matters to us. We walk the customer through each step along the way, making sure we meet and exceed expectations. After all, it’s not just a house or building…it’s a home raising a family or a business serving its community.

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Our Painting Process

Here’s what our project workflow looks like.

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Final Product

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Residential & Commercial Painting

Fresh paint not only restores the look of a building, it also protects it from the elements.

Make sure to paint before it’s too late! Waiting too long to seal an exterior surface will cause the home or building to deteriorate, and can also lead to costly wood rot and replacement issues. Rocky Mountain Exteriors will complete the extra prep work that most contractors don’t to ensure the exterior of your home looks great and is protected for years to come!
  • A better aesthetic and curb appeal
  • Stronger protection from the elements
  • Protect your home with the best paints and prep materials available
  • Increased lifespan of the siding

Painting Products

Sherwin Williams

  • Emerald (PDF)
  • Duration (PDF)
  • Super Paint (PDF)

PPG Paints

  • Manor Hall (PDF)
  • Timeless (PDF)

Paint Warranties


2 year all-inclusive warranty covering everything and includes:

  • Sherwin Williams Super Paint
  • 45-year caulking
  • All-Purpose Primer


7 year all-inclusive warranty covering everything and includes:

  • Sherwin Williams Duration Paint
  • 55-year caulking
  • Peel Bond Primer


12 year all-inclusive warranty covering everything and includes:

  • Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint
  • Lifetime Elastomeric Caulking
  • Peel Bond Primer

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