Denver Roof Replacement Insurance Claims

We all know Denver, CO gets plenty of hail – which means plenty of storm and hail damage to your roof. Fortunately, we know how to work with your insurance company to ensure your roof insurance claim is managed properly!

We’ll Work With Your Insurance to Make Your New Roof Affordable and Attainable

  • With many years of experience, we know the criteria for insurance claims and even know how to work with each specific provider. We highly suggest partnering with a trained professional to ensure your claim is handled properly.
  • We will also work directly with the insurance adjuster to advocate for you and ensure all the services that should be included are covered.
  • We have extremely high standards for the quality of work we deliver as well as our team’s communication and clean-up. We will leave you with an experience to brag about.
  • We have a field supervisor assigned to be on-site every day, for every project. This position provides an extra layer of supervision that is very rare in the roofing industry. Not only will your project run more smoothly, you’ll have added peace of mind and confidence.
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Our Roof Insurance Claim Process

Here’s what to expect when working with us!


First, our team will travel to our customer’s home to assess the damage.


If we are 85% certain the insurance provider will cover the entire roof replacement, we will recommend that service and begin the insurance claim process.


Next, we’ll sit down with our customer to go over the insurance claim and collect all the necessary information.


Once the claim is filed, the insurance carrier will assign an adjuster to the project. We will work directly with the adjuster on our customer’s behalf and set up the on-site inspection. We will also advocate for our customer and liaise to be sure everyone is on the same page.


Next, the insurance company will provide an itemized report called the statement of loss which outlines what they will cover.


Once this is all agreed upon, we will schedule the project, select the materials with the customer, and get to work!


If any issues are found that are not covered by the initial insurance claim, we will help our customer bill for the remainder.


Lastly, we’ll wrap up the whole process with a final inspection to ensure our customer is happy with the results.

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In the roofing industry, there are many stories of irresponsible and dishonest contractors that take advantage of their customers. It’s one thing to describe our obsession with customer service, it’s another to show it through our past customers reviews.

“This year needed a new roof due to hail.   They did the initial inspection and assisted me in putting in the claim and meeting with the insurance adjuster to go over the damage.  It was still snowy so I asked to wait until it warmed up Matt stopped by a few times to get more proof photos requested by the insurance company.  My insurance company was not too cooperative trying to low ball but Rocky Mountain kept on them to make sure the job was complete. I was onsite the two days the job was done and the manager answered all my questions used good high quality materials and put down all new felt and water and ice shield pulled the proper permit and were quick and friendly.  Matt showed up after completion and followed up on a few clean up items that were not up to his satisfaction. Thanks for the good work and dealing with the stubborn insurance company.”

– Alan M

“I had the best experience with Rocky Mountain Exteriors. I had a personal situation and they went above and beyond  working with me. Including handling of insurance and issues. Awesome customer service. Great team throughout the entire process. Definitely went the extra mile. Fantastic job, completely satisfied and would highly recommend them for any work!”

–  Toni B

Roof Insurance Claims FAQs

To help with your research, we’ve outlined some common questions about insurance claims. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How much will it cost?

If your insurance claim is approved, you will only need to pay your insurance deductive and any upgrades to the materials used.

Should I look for a cheaper bid with an insurance claim?

No, once you find a company you trust, you are only responsible for the cost of your deductible. Trust is the most important thing when scheduling a roofing project and then your deductible is the second as it is your actual out-of-pocket expense. Secondly, if you find a company like Rocky Mountain Exteriors who can handle additional services within the same claim, like siding, windows or paint, you’re likely to save yourself money too as it will all be covered in your approved insurance claim.

Can you waive the deductible?

No, under Colorado law, it is illegal to waive the deductible. Waiving the deductible would qualify as insurance fraud.

Can you do all the work on my claim?

Yes! Whether you need to replace windows, siding, paint or fix water damage, we can handle it all.

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