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Winter Roofing: 5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof Before Winter

Winter Roofing: 5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof Before Winter

Is the roof on your home more than 15-20 years old now?

If so, it might be time for you to think about replacing it with new roofing to prevent it from sustaining damage this winter. Heavy snowfall in Colorado could potentially compromise your roof if it’s on the older side, and cause serious issues during the winter season.

The age of your roof is only one of the factors to consider as you evaluate your winter roofing needs. There are several other signs that will also suggest a new roof should be in your near future.

Here are 5 big signs that indicate the need for a new roof from a Colorado roofing company before winter strikes.

1. Missing Shingles

Take a step back from your home and look up at your roof. Are there shingles missing from it, or do some of the shingles look like they could fall off at any moment?

Your roof’s shingles serve as a protective barrier between the top of your roof and layers that lie beneath it. If those shingles fall off, it’ll be easy for water to work its way down into your roof and cause it to rot.

Before long, even just one or two missing shingles could lead to leaks in your roof. Either replace the shingles immediately or have new winter roofing put on if your shingle problem has spiraled out of control.

2. Granules From Shingles Lining Your Gutters

From a distance, your shingles might look just fine when you look up at your roof.

But if you found a lot of granules from your shingles in your gutters when you cleaned them out this fall, that could also be an indication of a roofing problem. As granules fall off your shingles, it will make your roof weaker overall.

In this case, it’s probably going to be impossible to figure out which shingles the granules are coming from. You’re better off thinking about replacing your roof rather than simply doing repairs.

3. Rising Energy Costs in the Winter

Check out your energy bills from the last few winters. Do they show that you’ve been spending more and more money to heat your home each winter?

This could be because your home isn’t insulated properly. It could also indicate an issue with your home’s windows if they’re on the older side.

Or, it could be that your roof is allowing too much heat to escape in the winter. By installing a new roof, you’ll be able to trap more heat inside and bring your energy bills back down.

4. Moss or Mold Growing

Do you see green spots on your roof right now? You’re most likely seeing moss and mold growing on different parts of your roof.

This issue might start off small with just a few specks of moss or mold. But they can both grow pretty quickly and trap moisture on your roof when they do.

When this happens, it won’t be long before your roof begins to rot. This could lead to leaking and put your roof in jeopardy once the snow starts to fall.

5. Visible Leaks in Your Roof

This is the most obvious sign of trouble for your roof and one that you should absolutely not ignore.

The next time it rains, head up into your attic space and look around at your roof. If you see any moisture making its way into the space, you have a problem on your hands.

You should also keep an eye out for wet spots on ceilings and walls in your home. They could also indicate that your roof is leaking and needs to be replaced with winter roofing.

Install Winter Roofing Today to Protect Your Home

Why spend your entire winter worrying about your roof when you could replace it and get the peace of mind that comes along with it?

If you think you’ve spotted any of the signs on this list, you need to consider investing in proper winter roofing. Doing so will ensure your roof stays strong all winter long and protects you from the elements.

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