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How Long Does a Roof Last? What to Know about Roof Life Expectancy

How Long Does a Roof Last? What to Know about Roof Life Expectancy

Is your roof looking a little worse for the wear? Wondering how much life is left in it? Are you asking yourself, “how long does a roof last?”

The answer may surprise you. Read on to learn how long different types of roofs last from the perspective of some of the top-rated roofing contractors in Denver CO!

How Long Does a Roof Last: The Factors

There are two main factors that help determine how long you can expect your roof to last. The first depends on the roofing material. We will look at a breakdown of each material and the pros and cons of each.

The second factor depends on the location of your home. Since this is not something you can often do much about, it’s good to be aware of. If you live in an area with lots of precipitation and high wind storms, that’s going to be tougher on your roof.

In fact, hail and wind damage account for the highest percentage of homeowner’s insurance claims.


What your roof is made of is going to impact how long it lasts, and not every material is created equal. Let’s take a look at the different materials and their lifespans.

Asphalt Shingles

There are several different types of asphalt shingle that all have slightly different lifespans. 3 Tab is the most basic and affordable roofing shingle. The problem with 3 Tab shingles is if you live in an area with storms, they may not hold up. With a wind speed maximum of 70 mph, these shingles can be easily damaged by high winds.

For a step up in quality, architectural and premium shingles are available. Both these types of shingle offer wind resistance up to 100 mph. Depending on the type, they can last anywhere from 15-50 years.

Asphalt roofing can be a bad choice for climates with large temperature fluctuations. These thermal shocks can cause cracking and lessen the lifespan of your roof. That is why in states with desert areas like Texas, Arizona, and Nevada, you will often see other types of roofing.


Metal roofing is more durable than asphalt roofing but comes at a higher price point. It is especially good for areas with bad winter storms. Metal roofing can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 mph.

Ribbed metal roofing has a lifespan of about 25-40 years, while standing seam roofing lasts from 30-50. Premium metals like titanium, zinc, copper, and stainless steel are also available, though these command a hefty sum of money. They can last up to 100 years!


Wood roofs look nice, but they last about 50 years which is as long as premium asphalt shingle roofs. The problem is they can be up to 6 times more expensive than asphalt roofs.

Clay Tiles or Slate

Clay tile or slate roofing are some of the most expensive options available. They can look very stunning and are great in warm climates, but they come with a few downsides.

One downside is that they are so heavy that they require a specially designed roof frame. Installation is time-consuming and adds to the cost. The good news is that these roofs can last up to 100 years!

Need a Roof Replacement?

Now you can answer the question of “how long does a roof last?” If your roof is nearing time for a replacement or just needs some work done, give us a call. We’d love to help. Click here to schedule your free estimate today!