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6 Wall and Trim Color Combinations that Won’t Go Out of Style

6 Wall and Trim Color Combinations that Won’t Go Out of Style

Redecorating your space takes time and thoughtfulness.

Beautiful designs and timeless features require advanced planning, sometimes even months ahead of construction.

Even though you can easily rearrange your furniture pieces to look their best, there are some aspects of your home that you must consider for the longer-term, such as paint colors.

Successfully coordinating your trim and wall colors is a big part of a successful interior painting job. Wondering which wall and trim color combos look great together? Here are six of of our timeless favs!

1. Blue and Gray Wall and Trim Color Combinations

Blue and gray complement each other in a tranquil and serene manner. If you are looking for colors to paint in your beach cottage, try shades of blue and gray.

For example, turquoise and light gray look fabulous in a master bedroom. Both of these colors are on the cool tone spectrum. Interior designer Jason Grant loves this combination, too.

They will definitely bring about a calming nature when paired together in one of your bedrooms.

2. Navy and Bright White

For a traditional color scheme, choose the combination of navy and bright white for your living room space.

The walls should be painted a deep shade of navy and the trim will stand out with a generous coat of bright white.

This is a classic color combination fitting for a home in the Northeast, such as Rhode Island or Connecticut where the homes maintain an old-fashioned exterior and hold historic value.

Even for our Colorado customers, this eastern style can be a great choice if their home matches this persona!

3. Sage and Ivory

Another color combination to consider for your living or dining space is sage and ivory.

Sage is a great color choice as it represents serenity and elegance. This color is especially popular right now.

Once you pair sage green with a crisp ivory trim you’ll never stop inviting your family and friends over to enjoy the space you created. The new colorful space will feel homey and well-designed all at the same time.

4. Peach and High Gloss Sheen Trim

As for your kitchen, it’s important to warm up your space with a muted shade, such as peach. Peach is not quite as harsh as pink and it’s not quite as simple as yellow. Peach is the perfect in-between color for your kitchen to feel soft and fresh.

Consider a high gloss sheen for the trim in your kitchen. The high gloss sheen will essentially hide any imperfections, along with your old trim, too.

As you cook family dinner in your kitchen, the high gloss protects your trim from dirt and grime that undoubtedly comes with using your kitchen on a regular basis.

5. Buttery Yellow and Green

Buttery yellow and green should be put together in a space where you wish to draw attention to building a palette with green.

If you have large open windows in your living room, it’s ideal to include shades of yellow and green on the walls.

Add some black accents to tie the whole look together too!

6. Mahogany and Beige

Want to design a room that speaks volumes? Choose a rich mahogany as your wall color.

Mahogany needs to be up on the walls in your room if you wish to achieve an earthiness. With such a bold color on the wall, choose a light beige to paint on the trim.

Want Your Home Painted by Professionals?

These are our top 6 wall and trim color combinations to consider for your new home renovation project.

Our team has experience is handling your interior painting project from start to finish, with an affordable professionalism that’s rare in our industry.

Contact us today to learn more about our services. We can send an RME representative to your home who can provide you with a free estimate.