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Popular House Paint Colors for 2020

Popular House Paint Colors for 2020

Can you paint the exterior of your house with all the colors of the wind? Probably not, but maybe. There sure are a lot of house paint colors to choose from and there is nothing like a group of expert, professional Denver, CO house painters to get the job done.

Below, we’ll take a quick look at some of the most popular house paint colors that are trending right now, as well as four distinct genres of house paint color to get those creative juices–and paints–flowing.

Popular, Trending House Paint Colors 

Beige, greige, gray and all the other traditional, neutral colors are still the most popular. Does that mean they’re trending? Probably not, but it’s good to keep in mind that even the trendiest house paint colors are still in the minority.

Of course, what better reason is there to seek out the trending house paint colors? It’s also true that more homeowners than ever are choosing bold colors and schemes that make heads turn and eyes stick.

According to, the watery, sealike shades of blue are having a moment right now. And it doesn’t have to be a temporary fad, either. Blue has always been a calming tone, but it’s still more “interesting” than, say, taupe. It’s a great way to get bold with your color choice while avoiding gaudiness.

And if you like the earthy look, make sure to check out some greens and browns. They feel inviting and warm and, with the right trim, can make practically any impression you like on passersby.

Modern House Paint Colors

When we talk about “modern” house paint colors, we’re talking about colors that just don’t go on houses very much. They’re modern because people have only started using them recently. Modern house paint colors are meant to make a lasting impression. No neutrals–boldness only, please.

Maybe the best example of a modern house paint color is black. Sometimes an all-black house looks more like it’s asking to be haunted, or might be some sort of fortress; but the right locale and style of construction can make black positively beautiful as a house paint color. It looks sleek and sophisticated and clearly projects a certain consciousness: “We thought hard and chose what color we wanted our house to be. We hope you like it but clearly, it’s okay with us if you don’t.”

One benefit of an all-black house is that it sets the stage for certain trim colors to pop like the Fourth of July. It’s popular to make the trim black like the rest of the house, but before you decide on that, take a moment to consider a few colors on the other end of the spectrum.

There is at least one exception to the no-neutrals rule of modern house paint colors. A hybrid idea that often looks very modern without making so much of a fashion statement is to paint the house in a traditional, neutral tone and make the front door a bright color of your choice. This projects a decidedly happy feeling instead of the more “grownup” sophistication of a black house.

Victorian House Paint Colors

The traditional, neutral house paint colors are largely left over from the Victorian period. Victorian house paint colors were mostly made from natural, plant-based ingredients, which narrowed the selection of options and made them cheaper. Also, because they were naturally muted and pale tones, there was no trouble about fading. Most Victorian houses used three colors.

Today, “modern” Victorian house paint colors  aim for the same pastel-like look, just with a wider selection of colors. Pale grays, reds, and blues are often used, especially for contrast. If you like Victorian house paint colors but want to shake things up a bit, try throwing two or three more colors into the lineup. The busier look will wake up the senses and stand a chance of making an impression on casual glancers.

Alternatively, because we are in the modern era after all, you could go with the more traditional Victorian house paint colors, just brighter. This will create a bolder, more robust look that feels inviting.

Brick House Paint Colors

Bricks are all red, oceans are blue, but we can paint bricks. It’s great when we do.

Because we all automatically think of bricks as being red, any brick house paint color is interesting. In fact, even white takes on a startlingly new identity when it goes on over bricks. Another striking, perhaps counterintuitive brick house paint color is red–just not the normal dark, muted “brick” red. Fire engine red is a great example of an almost “enhanced” shade of your bricks’ natural colors that draws the eye and lightens the spirit.

On the other hand, if you keep your bricks their natural color, the result will be the opportunity to go crazy with the trim and door. It’s the same principle as in the “Modern House Paint Colors” section above, namely using a neutral color for most of the house and then making the front door and/or trim stand out.

Mountain House Paint Colors

It’s sunrise. The soil you’re standing on is dark, cold, and damp. You can smell it; it’s as wonderful as any flower. The plant life around you is at the peak of its spring greenness and the sky is just starting to turn blue between a few lazy, friendly clouds.

This is the feeling we’re going for when we talk about mountain house paint colors. We want a house that looks like it just grew out of a mountain. Thus, greens and browns are the main mountain house paint colors. These paint jobs are less about innovating on traditional styles and more about evoking that particular quiet, peaceful, one-with-nature feeling.

Mountain house paint colors are great for houses that are actually on mountains, but they’re especially nice in cities and suburbs. We don’t get to be one with nature in those locales and it’s refreshing to see a house that evokes thoughts of nature–more refreshing still, of course, to get to live in one.

Partnering with Rocky Mountain Roofing & Exteriors

As you can see, there are countless paint options for the exterior of your home. Painting your home is an exciting opportunity to customize and make it  represent your style and aesthetic. If you’re in the Denver area and looking for a trusted company, reach out to us here. We look forward to hearing from you!