Best Time For Commercial Roofing

The best time for commercial roofing is during the summer months. Why? Well, for starters, there are far fewer extreme weather changes during this time of year. The coldest and warmest days of the fall and spring will vary greatly and cause more stress on a roof than during the summer. During these times, you could repair leaks three or four times a week due to extreme temperature fluctuations! It’s also way easier to do your job when it’s not snowing outside; that saves money too (it costs 25% more). Unscheduled downtime can lead to costly penalties from customers who continue paying rent while you’re unable to offer them services.

When you reroof in dead season, you won’t have to worry about any of this! You can easily schedule the entire process, and everyone will be happy.

Just make sure if you’re planning on commercial roofing during warm weather that your roof already has all the required safety features for summer months (or else it could cause someone to get heat exhaustion). Also, roofs with lots of shade tend to heat up less than those without much shade, so try to avoid picking the shadiest area possible because it’ll take longer for the construction project to complete.

If at all possible, try not to pick a scorching day. It’d be way better if you could do the job when there’s a light breeze blowing outside (it look like fun!). Try not to pick a day when it’s raining either, just because what if you brought all that equipment there and then it starts to rain? You’d have wasted your entire day.

So the best time to reroof commercial building is during the summer months! People are far happier about not paying rent while you do this job because they know you did the right thing by avoiding the winter weather. That means more profits for everyone involved.

Benefits of reroofing commercial building

Commercial roofing is a significant investment, but it brings in large returns. It allows a company to make a building look better and more appealing to the public eye while increasing its value. For companies that have been neglectful with their roofs or those dealing with damage from storms and other natural disasters, reroofing can be a very sound decision.

The benefits of reroofing are numerous – safety, environmental impact, dependability, and performance. Here are some of the best reasons why your business should consider this option instead of simply starting from scratch:

1. Efficiency

According to Energy Star, roofs made after 2005 require only four hours less energy per year because they reflect more sunlight into space than older roofs.

2. Safety

When re-roofing commercial buildings, safety is not just an added benefit; it’s one of the primary reasons for doing so. A new roof helps prevent injuries for workers on the job and ensures that your business is up-to-code with inspections. If there had been a fire at this site before reroofing, the building would still be safe even with its old shingles because they won’t catch on fire again after being appropriately cleaned and coated with fire-resistant materials.

3. Environmental protection

Preventing waste is good for the environment, but reroofing also preserves natural resources used in building new roofs. Disposing of old shingles takes both human resources and fuel to transport them off-site while creating piles of debris dangerous to wildlife. Choose to reroof instead, and you will keep all those wasted materials away from landfills, where they can decompose safely without harm to animals or the ground’s water supply.

4. Dependability

Many companies choose a new roof over a repaired one because it can be trusted not to leak again anytime soon – especially with an upgraded warranty that guarantees performance. Those who have had problems with leaks in the past need not worry about their business’s safety or its future because reroofing means having a solid, dependable roof once again.

5. Performance

The last great benefit of reroofing is that it gives your commercial structure performance you can count on every day of the year. This is especially true if you upgrade to high-quality materials, which offer superior protection against wind resistance and tearing due to heavy rains and hail storms. These are just some of the top reasons your commercial building should be reroofed instead of replaced with something brand new. Every business owner can find value in these benefits, so call GAF today for more information.


A reroofing project is always an expensive undertaking, but there are some factors that you can consider to make the process easier on your budget. For example, waiting until late summer or early fall will help reduce costs associated with hot weather and reduced daylight hours. In addition, it may be worth considering a shingle roof replacement rather than a metal roof if you live in an area where hurricanes occur because they’re more durable against wind-borne debris from storms like hail and heavy rain. Finally, before starting any work on your building’s rooftop structure, ask yourself whether this is necessary given its age and condition; these questions could include how much longer do I anticipate my current roof lasting? How old is my building?