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How to Remove Moss From Your Roof

How to Remove Moss From Your Roof

Sometimes, moss grows on things. Sadly, some of those things are roofs. It’s just that it’s too bad because moss destroys roofs, often leading to a search for Denver roof repair.

It’s important to remove moss from your roof fairly quickly after it shows up. If you do, you can extend the life of your roof significantly.

But who among us was born knowing how to remove moss from your roof? No one, that’s who. Below, we’ll get into how to remove moss from your roof, some details about why it’s important to do so, and what products to use for moss removal. Enjoy!

How to Remove Moss From Your Roof

As it turns out, moss removal is pretty easy if you can just get to it. But the thing about moss on your roof is that it’s on your roof; those are high and, usually, slanted. Read: dangerous.

Nonetheless, here’s the idea. Mix a 50/50 solution of regular laundry detergent and water, then pour it into your favorite (or most portable) sprayer. Next, yell, “On belay!” and climb or, preferably, float to the roof to meet your moss problem eye to eye. Now spray the moss.

In case you don’t want to use detergent and water, we’ll touch on some alternative moss killer products below.

Next, you’ll want to wait 15 or 20 minutes. Maybe you want to climb down to wait, but the transitions onto and from the ladder are the times when it’s easiest to have accidents. Better not to ascend and descend more times than necessary. With this in mind, maybe you’ll instead want to stay up there to wait; it’s just that you’ll have to spend that time on a roof, which is high and dangerous.

Regardless, once the moss has had 15 to 20 minutes to soak in your moss killer, you should be able to just rinse it away with low-pressure water. If some of the moss makes it through this first treatment, just give it another spray of your moss killer and repeat. But never power wash your roof.

Repeat: Never power wash your roof.

Importance of Moss Removal 

Sometimes you see a little tree, planted municipally in a median or next to a sidewalk. Sometimes, it’ll be a situation where the roots have gone rogue and migrated such that they are growing directly under the sidewalk now, mutilating it. Left alone, the sidewalk eventually looks like an earthquake tore it up and it begins tripping nimbler and nimbler walkers.

Essentially, think of the tree as your roof’s moss and the sidewalk as–you guessed it–your roof. This is why moss removal is so important. Alternatively, you could just get a new roof. But even if you do that, you’ll want to start an effective moss removal/prevention routine on day one and maintain it faithfully and into perpetuity.

Popular Moss Killer Options

Of course, the best moss removal routine is a good moss prevention routine.

Moss’s favorite thing is moisture; its second favorite is shade. Thus, moss prevention starts with setting your roof up to dry itself as quickly and sunnily as possible whenever it gets wet. More than anything else, this means keeping the gutters clear and trimming any branches that may be hanging over the roof or gutters, dropping leaves and pine needles.

Most of the time, leaves will blow away before they aid and/or abet too many spores of moss in making their home on your roof. If you notice that a particular blanket of foliage has been reluctant to leave, however, a few minutes with a leaf blower will usually do the trick. A short ladder or even a sturdy footstool may help.

In fact, if you don’t have or want to rent a leaf blower, feel free to try using your garden hose to rinse away leaves from your roof. If it works, the moisture left behind will dry in plenty of time to avoid any remossing effect.

If, however, the USS Prevention has sailed and someone’s going to have to get up there and really take care of things, there are several eco-friendly products that they can use. Baking soda sprinkled directly onto the moss will kill it. You can also spray vinegar onto it. Like we mentioned earlier, a mixture of 50/50 laundry detergent and water will do the job as well. Alternatively, you can pick up any number of commercial moss killers at your local hardware store.

Need More Help with Your Roof?

But seriously, climbing onto your roof and moving around on it–especially if it’s covered in moss, which is slippery–can be extremely dangerous. Moss removal isn’t a very expensive job no matter who does it so please consider hiring a professional with the proper equipment and experience–not to mention insurance.

In fact, seeing as how we’re on the topic, Rocky Mountain Roofing & Exteriors is staffed by bonafide experts at moss removal. We know how to remove moss from your roof with a deftness–and safety–found only in the most seasoned and consummate professionals. While we’re up there, we can even give your roof a once-over and let you know about the general state of its overall health.

For any need related to your roof–moss removal or cleaning, repair, replacement, diagnosis, give Rocky Mountain Roofing & Exteriors a call. We have completed well over 3,000 jobs here in the Denver area, and we’d sure like to complete some more. We also do windows, siding, painting, and full-on commercial construction. That is to say that if you can trust any company in Colorado with your home and its roof, Rocky Mountain Roofing & Exteriors has got to be that company. Call or click today to get in touch and request a free estimate.