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An In-Depth Look at Our Window Replacement Process

An In-Depth Look at Our Window Replacement Process

Free Estimate

An RME representative will visit your home to provide a free estimate. During the estimate, your RME representative will explain the difference in window manufactures and styles to help you find the right window for your price range, aesthetic preferences, and energy-saving plan.

Final Measure

Before your windows are ordered an RME representative will complete a thorough final measure to ensure that your windows are manufactured correctly down to an eighth of an inch. Once the final measure has been completed your windows will be ordered.

Installation Scheduling

Once your windows have been ordered the manufacturer will provide RME with an estimated ship date. When RME has received that ship date, we will contact you to schedule an install date. Please note that manufacture lead times can vary greatly depending on manufacturer, product and time of year.


Once RME has received your windows from the manufacturer we will promptly install them. RME will provide full-service installation including the removal and disposal of your existing windows and the replacement of any rotted trim or framing that might be present.

Project Completion

Once all work has been completed your RME representative will complete a final inspection and walkthrough with you to ensure all work has been completed correctly.

Our Warranty

RME offers a 3-year labor warranty that covers everything except for acts of God related to the installation of the windows. Window manufacturers have different warranties for various products. An RME representative will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the various manufacturers’ warranties at the time of the estimate.