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Community Spotlight: Toys & Books for Underprivileged Denver Youth

Community Spotlight: Toys & Books for Underprivileged Denver Youth

Here at Rocky Mountain Roofing & Exteriors, we believe that doing good work is just the start – we want to be good people too. We work hard to build a culture that inspires this, and we take pride in the fact that our employees excel not only on the job site, but out in the world as well.

Recently, one of our production managers, Francisco Gonzalez, took it upon himself to set up a toy and book fundraiser for underprivileged kids. The Upper Room Church here in Denver, and the Denver Human Services, worked with Francisco to donate around $1,500 worth of toys to kids who are currently separated from their families. We just wanted to take a second to say “thank you” to Francisco for  your hard work and generosity!

In the years ahead, we plan on participating in more of these types of fundraisers and outreach programs. Make sure you like us on Facebook to keep track of how we are working to help our community!

Got an idea for how we could make even more of an impact? Don’t hesitate to contact us!