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Our mission is to leave every customer with an experience they will brag about. As a company we are much more focused on our customers than our competition and this makes a profound difference in their overall experience.

Why Choose Us to Properly Protect Your Colorado Home?

  • The high quality work we deliver paired with our emphasis on communication and integrity will leave you with an experience you’ll brag about.
  • We have a field supervisor assigned to be on-site every day, for every project. This position provides an extra layer of supervision that is very rare in the roofing industry. Not only will your project run more smoothly, you’ll have added peace of mind and confidence.
  • In addition to exceptional roofing services we specialize in painting, siding, windows, and much more. We are a one-stop-shop for all your home exterior needs.
  • If your project is through an insurance claim, we’ll make sure any and all damage is included in the claim (not just roofing but windows, gutters, siding, etc.), potentially saving you thousands!
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Our Residential Roofing Process for Colorado Homes

Here’s what to expect when hiring us!


The first order of business is meeting with our clients on-site to inspect the property, answer any questions, determine the scope of the project and be sure we know exactly what our customer wants.


If the project is an insurance claim, we will meet with the adjuster on-site to advocate for our client and be sure everything that should be covered in the claim is included. This is a very important step which can save you thousands of dollars.


Next, we sit down with the customer to finalize the scope of the project, materials, and answer any questions they might have.


The next step is to schedule and complete the project. We know that homeowners are often busy and have strict timelines in mind, so we make it our priority to deliver high-quality, timely results.


Lastly, we schedule a final walk-through and inspection. We go over the final billing for the project with the customer and ensure all of their expectations have been met, if not exceeded.

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Residential Roofing Reviews

In the roofing industry, there are many horror stories of irresponsible and dishonest contractors that take advantage of their customers. That’s why we do everything in our power to be transparent and establish trust with our clients.

It’s one thing to talk about our obsession with customer service, it’s another to highlight it through our past customer’s reviews:

This year needed a new roof due to hail. They did the initial inspection and assisted me in putting in the claim and meeting with the insurance adjuster to go over the damage. It was still snowy so I asked to wait until it warmed up Matt stopped by a few times to get more proof photos requested by the insurance company. My insurance company was not too cooperative trying to low ball but Rocky Mountain kept on them to make sure the job was complete. I was onsite the two days the job was done and the manager answered all my questions used good high quality materials and put down all new felt and water and ice shield pulled the proper permit and were quick and friendly. Matt showed up after completion and followed up on a few clean up items that were not up to his satisfaction. Thanks for the good work and dealing with the stubborn insurance company.”

– Alan M.

“A local business is only as good as the leadership team that leads it. I can say that Rocky Mountain Exteriors is an incredible company with an excellent leadership team, that strives for nothing but the best.”

– Garrett G

“We had a bad experience in the past with a roofer so we were skeptical after we found out our roof needed to be replaced this summer. The experience could not have been better with Rocky Mountain Exteriors. From start to finish the project was tidy, punctual and professional! We would highly recommend them!”

– Karen and George S.

Questions About Getting a New Roof for Your Denver Home?

To help with your research, we’ve outlined some common questions about residential roofing. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

What are the most important things to look for when choosing a roofing contractor?

1. Great Reputation: Be sure you do your research and find a company you can trust.

2. Local Experts: In Denver we unfortunately get a lot of “storm chasers” or contractors who come from out of town for a quick paycheck. In contrast, we care deeply about our fellow community members and have their best interests in mind.

3. Field Supervision: Rocky Mountain is unique in the fact that we employ field supervisors on-site for every project. This provides an important extra layer of supervision and quality control.

4. Punctual Results: As fellow businesses owners we know the pressure and importance of sticking to an agreed upon schedule. You can count on us for high-quality, punctual results.

Does Rocky Mountain Exteriors help with insurance claims?

Absolutely! The majority of roof replacements in Colorado are done through insurance claims, so we have A LOT of experience working with insurance providers. We advocate for our clients and help them with every step of the process, making it as smooth as possible. Having an experienced professional on your side during the insurance claim process is an outstanding asset that can save you a lot of time, energy and money.

What can I do to better protect my roof from hail? Any types of material?

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as indestructible shingles, but some materials are certainly more durable and protective than others. Because there are so many options and what’s best for you will depend on your home and budget, it’s a good idea to have a call to go over the best choice for your roof protection.

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