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An In-Depth Look at Our Painting Process

An In-Depth Look at Our Painting Process

Free Estimate

An RME representative will complete a thorough estimate on your home and give you the exact price you will pay to complete your interior or exterior project.

Color Selection

Your RME representative will help you choose colors and complete up to three test patches free of charge to assist you in selecting your final color choice.

Power Wash

If your project is an exterior project RME will complete a full and through power wash of all areas to be painted before any other work begins.

Prep Work

RME differentiates itself from other contractors by going above and beyond industry standards with prep work. RME uses the best prep materials and completes extra prep steps to ensure that your home is cleaned sealed and masked properly before any paint is applied to the surface. Your RME rep will be happy to walk you through our plan to prep and seal your home at the time of your free estimate.

Painting Completed

Once the home is prepped, sealed and masked correctly RME will begin the painting process. All paints and stains are applied by manufacture guidelines which can differ by product.

Daily Quality Control

Producing a quality, lasting product is of utmost importance to RME. In order to ensure your project is one that we can be proud of an RME production manager will do daily quality checks and complete a thorough walkthrough with you at least once every other day. RME will also complete a final walkthrough of the project at completion to ensure you are satisfied with the work that has been done and that the project meets our strict quality guidelines.

Painting Warranties

Standard Option

Includes a two-year all-inclusive warranty, PPG Manor Hall Paint, 45-year Caulking, and All-Purpose Primer

Preferred Option

Includes a seven-year all-inclusive warranty, PPG Timeless Paint, 55-year Caulking, and Peel Bond Primer

Premium Option

Includes a twelve-year all-inclusive warranty, Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint, Elastomeric Lifetime Caulking, and Peel Bond Primer