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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Exterior House Painters

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Exterior House Painters

When you’re vetting Denver house painters, or any market for that matter, there are hundreds of questions you may want to ask. The more specific questions–“How do you plan to protect yourselves from the razor-like branches of my monkey tree?”, for example–are better left to the individual to think of. Nonetheless, there are some questions that just about every homeowner should put to just about every exterior house painter offering a bid. This list is by no means exhaustive–but its 5 questions will be at least a good start.

1. What is your cost estimate?

The most basic question to ask when you’re buying anything–from milk to investments to an exterior house painter’s services–is, “How much?” This will be the bedrock point that you will compare when comparing with other exterior house painters.

2. What is your time estimate?

Any exterior house painter will be glad to tell you what they charge per hour and how their hourly rate factors into their overall pricing structure, at some point during the estimate process. But, because they have to consider materials, etc., the final price probably won’t be as simple as estimated hours times hourly rate. If one exterior house painter quotes the same time estimate but a different price than another, it’s time to look into what extras the more-expensive one has to offer.

3. How did you come up with those numbers?

There is nothing wrong with asking for a breakdown of what goes into the estimate that your exterior house painters give you. See how long each takes to come up with an estimate. If one contractor takes a fraction of the time that another takes, you can always ask about details you learned about from an earlier, more thorough contractor.

4. How difficult does my house look to paint? Why?

It may sound elementary, but different houses–with their siding types, number of stories, landscaping, etc.–are easier to paint than others. Naturally, it tends to be cheaper–just because it takes less time–to paint easier houses. Compare the answers you get to this question when comparing exterior house painters. If one company says it’s a piece of cake and another says it’s hard for a specific reason the first company didn’t mention, you may learn something important.

5. What’s your warranty?

References, straight talk, and a full portfolio may be enough to trust your exterior house painting job to one company over another–but it’s never enough to feel totally at ease before you see the finished product and how well it holds up over some time.

Rocky Mountain Roofing & Exteriors, for example, offers three different warranties, the longest of which lasts for 12 years. An exterior paint job is a long-term investment. If your exterior house painters don’t feel confident enough in their work to guarantee it for at least a decade, what exactly are you paying them for?

5 Questions to Ask Exterior House Painters

Again, some homeowners will have certain questions to ask when they’re vetting exterior house painters that other homeowners won’t need to ask. Clearly, everyone’s circumstances are different. But, the five questions above should just about always find their way into your early conversations with the exterior house painters that you consider.