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How to Choose the Right Exterior Painters

How to Choose the Right Exterior Painters

Is your home is beyond due for a makeover? So, what do you do? You consider doing an exterior paint job, of course.

Research shows that an exterior paint job can have a major impact on your home’s value. In fact, your choice of color can ultimately determine the sale price of your home.

However, it’s not just the color choice you need to worry about. It’s the quality of the painter you hire that matters, too.

If you’re looking to hire exterior painters in Denver, here’s a rundown on how to choose the right Denver exterior painters this coming spring.

Let’s get started!

Obtain Several Bids from Exterior Painters

First, gather the names of a few painting companies to obtain bids from. You can find these companies through a Google search or perhaps through a family member or friend’s recommendation.

Before collecting bids from companies, make sure that they are A-rated with the Better Business Bureau. You want a company that has achieved high customer satisfaction.

Try to get at least three bids for the purpose of comparison. Also, you might be tempted to choose the prospect with the lowest price, but don’t. This is a dangerous method of choosing a contractor.

Instead, choose a painting contractor whose price lies in between the extremes of cheap and expensive. In other words, your chosen Denver exterior painter should use high-quality paints for a mid-range, reasonable price.

This will help you to avoid the city’s price gougers and cost cutters, and your home will receive an excellent paint job in the end.

Interview Candidates

Be sure to thoroughly interview your exterior painter candidates before settling on a painter. Of course, it’s not enough to ask questions — you need to ask the right ones.

First, ask them how many projects they’ve completed. You need a painter with plenty of experience — for example, one that’s done thousands of jobs. This generally translates to higher levels of knowledge and technical skills.

Also, ask them about their process. The painter you choose should power-wash your home and complete prep work prior to starting your paint job, as this will ensure long-lasting results.

Prep work is something you need in Denver considering Colorado’s harsh weather patterns — especially during the winter. Many painters don’t do prep work, so if you can find one that does, they’re a keeper.

In addition, make sure that your painter uses top-of-the-line paints, like those from Sherwin Williams or PPG Paints. Note that these types of paints come with handy all-inclusive warranties that will last you years.

Be respectful while you’re questioning a painting contractor, and expect the same level of respect in return. If a certain company is too busy or too proud to answer your questions now, you can expect them to behave in the same way during and following your painting project.

How We Can Help

We are one of the leading painting companies in Denver, offering top-notch services time and time again. We take pride in the fact that we’ve already completed 3,000 projects and have a 98% rate of customer satisfaction.

Contact us to find out more about how we can make the outside of your home look brand new this spring.