Molly Brown House Museum

When it comes to philanthropy in general and the Titanic in particular, what do they have in common? The Molly Brown residence in Denver, Colorado, is a hub for all three of them. This mansion holds a special role in the history of Colorado and the surrounding area.
Many believe that the original owner is still present and can be seen wandering the corridors of her house today. Visit the Molly Brown House Museum in Denver when you’re there if you’re planning a trip there. 1340 Pennsylvania Street in Denver, Colorado, is the address of his historic mansion.
An American philanthropist and socialite knew as Margaret (Molly) Brown lived in this residence for decades. Because she survived the Titanic’s sinking, she was dubbed The Unsinkable Molly Brown, as well. As a museum, it displays artifacts from her life and those of Denver’s Victorian era as well as information about historic preservation efforts in the city’s history. In 1972, the house where Molly Brown lived was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
William A. Lang was the architect who designed the Molly Brown residence in the 1880s. For the original owners, Isaac and Mary Large, he was able to blend various popular historical designs, including the Queen Anne style. When the Sherman Silver Purchase Act was repealed, the Larges were forced to sell their home due to financial hardship.
James Joseph Brown, Molly’s husband, bought the house in 1894. He paid $30,000 for the house and surrendered the ownership to Margaret in 1898 because he was in poor health at the time. Inquiring minds want to know how often Margaret and her family went on vacation. They rented out the house because it had been left empty. At Molly Brown’s urging, the house served as the governor’s residence in 1902, when the Governor’s Mansion was being rebuilt.

When Margaret decided to turn their house into a boarding house, she did so with the help of her staff. The house was sold after Molly’s death in 1932. It served as a men’s rooming house, a Jane Addams Hull-House settlement, and rental property for individual rooms and flats.
The mansion had fallen into disrepair by the 1970s and was destined for demolition. Because of the efforts of a group of residents known as Historic Denver, the house was able to be restored. For the reconstruction, they used information gleaned from architectural studies, paint chip analyses, and images dating back to 1910.
Is the Molly Brown House Haunted?
Are there any other explanations for why Molly Brown’s house might be haunted? When her house was let to degrade before it was renovated, it was a sad moment. Molly Brown House has been plagued by strange occurrences, according to numerous tourists and residents alike. Find things to do in Denver.
The stench of a pipe has been reported at times. It is reported that JJ Brown likes to smoke because of the aroma of his pipe. This is an unusual occurrence since smoking is prohibited at the museum.
People who work in museums or as tour guides also describe unusual events. They’ve noticed that lightbulbs come undone for no apparent reason. Because of this, the museum staff must regularly inspect and repair the exhibits. The Molly Brown house’s furnishings have also been altered from time to time by museum employees. A woman dressed as if from the Victorian era rearranges the furnishings.

Molly Brown was a truly remarkable person. When others needed help, she stepped up without hesitation. Even though she wasn’t born into it, she made her way into it after marrying JJ. To protect his health, JJ Brown had the deed changed to his wife’s name after he acquired their home.
Pennsylvania Street was a wonderful place for Molly Brown and JJ to raise their family. Many unusual things are happening at the museum today, according to museum workers and visitors. Smoking a pipe, which was JJ’s favorite pastime, is often detectable. There have been numerous reports of stolen light bulbs. Another occurrence that has been reported is a woman dressed in Victorian attire moving objects around the house. There are also reports of ghostly figures roaming the hallways and of cold places in the home.