Lakeside Denver CO

What is so unique about Lakeside Amusement Park?


Do you know that Lakeside Denver CO was initially known as White City? This family-owned amusement park begun its operations back in 1908 as a trolley park. The amusement park was later sold to Denver brewer Adolph, and its name was changed to Lakeside Amusement Park. However, the locals continued referring to it by its original name primarily due to the over 100,000 glittering lights.


To date, the Lakeside Amusement Park is among the remaining 13 trolley parks operating in the US and the oldest park. The park occupies almost half of Lakeside Town, making it the reason behind creating the Tower of Jewels, a landmark feature of 1907.


This lone remaining amusement park was formally built in White City and Exposition architectural styles. After the 1930 acquisition by Ben Krasner, the park underwent massive renovations in which many modern features were incorporated based on Art Deco Style. Richard L. Crowther, an architect, designed most of the Lakeside Deco, including Modern features such as neon lighting.


However, there is still a great deal of architectural salvage you can find throughout the park. For instance, the mirror bar and marble back bar inside the main eatery, a feature that survived the Denver Union Station. One of these picnic pavilions is made from an old ride center column, while the pool for the modern Skoota boat ride is refurbished from the primary Shoot-the Chutes.


The main office includes an operational manual telephone switchboard which you can still use today.


How much does it cost to get into the park?


Each visitor pays a small nominal admission fee while entering the park. However, children aged below two years are exempted. Besides, each person receives a coupon upon the payment of the admission fee. You can redeem this coupon or use it to secure your unrestricted ride passes.

The park has three main entrances: the rarely active west gate, which is accessed from the late Lakeside Mall parking bay, the drive-through automobile gate, which has its opening at Sheridan Blvd. The walk-in gate has its entrance at the Jewels Tower.

You’ll find a cashier at each of these three gates who collects the admission fee. You can buy your unlimited passes and ride coupons from inside the park. Although new visitors sometimes get confused by thinking that the price paid is catering for the parking service, that is not the case. Indeed, some patrons have attempted to park their automobiles from outside the park and tried to walk in through the automobile gate only to be requested to pay the admission fee. The admission fee is a must to any visitor, whether they access through the walk-in gate or the auto gate.


Why I love visiting the Lakeside Denver CO often.


I remember my visit to Lakeside Denver very well, although it was now almost 3 years ago. What I think I know about this place is that things don’t change quite often. The area is very active in the evening, mainly due to the vintage neon display and the elegant signage/lighting.

The pay per ride is quite affordable besides the admission fee of less than $4. The marquee rides go for not more than $3.