Downtown Aquarium Denver CO

Downtown aquarium is one of the most popular attractions in Denver, Colorado. It is located at 16th and Stout Streets on the south side of downtown Denver. If you are looking for a fun place to visit with your family, this aquarium is worth checking out. Downtown aquarium for many years has been an attraction for people who love animals. The Downtown Aquarium was opened in 1938 by the City and County of Denver. This aquarium is home to over 2,000 different species of fish as well as other sea creatures. There are also more than 300 live reptiles, birds, amphibians, and mammals that reside here. The following are some of the reasons why you should visit Downtown Aquarium:

1) You can see all kinds of marine life up close and personal.
If you want to learn about the ocean or just enjoy watching the various species of fish swimming around, then you will be able to do so at Downtown Aquarium. You will have a chance to see sharks, rays, turtles, stingrays, octopuses, jellyfish, starfish, crabs, lobsters, eels, and much more things to see in Denver.

2) You can interact with these animals.
At Downtown Aquarium there are interactive exhibits where you can touch and feed the animals. Some of them include a shark tank, sea turtle exhibit, sea lion pool, and penguin habitat. These exhibits allow visitors to get very close to the animals. They even let you hold some of the animals such as the penguins.

3) You can watch educational shows.
The aquarium hosts several educational programs throughout the year. Some of these programs include a summer camp program for children, a Halloween show, and a Christmas show. These programs teach kids about the world’s oceans and how they affect our lives.

4) You can buy souvenirs.
You can purchase items from the gift shop at Downtown Aquarium. Some of the products sold here include t-shirts, mugs, toys, hats, books, and posters. For example, if you like dolphins, you can buy Dolphin T-Shirts or Dolphins Mugs. These items make great gifts for friends and family members.

5) You can take pictures.
There are two photo areas at Downtown Aquarium. One of them includes a large viewing area where you can take pictures of yourself with the animals. Another area allows you to take photos of the aquarium itself.

6) You can play games.
There are several video game stations at Downtown Aquarium. These stations include a fishing simulator, a dolphin trainer, and a shark trainer. You can use your credit card to pay for the time you spend playing these games. For instance, if you choose to play the dolphin trainer, you will need to put $10 into the machine. After you finish playing, you will receive a certificate that you can give to someone else.

7) You can eat food.
There are several restaurants located inside Downtown Aquarium. These restaurants include a sushi bar, pizza parlor, ice cream shop, and a café. For example, if you want to try some delicious seafood while you are visiting the aquarium, you can go to the Sushi Bar. Here you can order rolls, sashimi, nigiri, and other types of Japanese dishes.

Downtown Aquarium offers lots of fun activities for everyone. Whether you are interested in learning about the ocean or just enjoying the beauty of nature, this aquarium is perfect for you. In addition to being a fun place to visit, it is also a good way to educate yourself on important issues regarding the environment.